Welcome to the Agoda TalentPitch

Great that you want to know more about working at Agoda and that you'll 'pitch' yourself for a new job. Please concentrate and try to do everything as well as you can. With good results in the Agoda TalentPitch you will increase your chances!

About the TalentPitch

This unique job application experience is broken down into four components which are listed below. Keep in mind that after completing a step you will not be able to go back or edit your answers. The entire experience should take about 60 to 90 minutes. We recommend finding a quiet, comfortable spot to complete the TalentPitch.

We hope you enjoy this experience. We really appreciate the time you're investing.

Personal Information and a Few Essential Questions (5 minutes)

Game - Experience the Job! (30 minutes)

Take the Psychometric Questionnaires (40 minutes)

Upload documents and you're done (5 minutes)